UPDATE – Hello from the USA

Taking a Sabbatical in New York State for 4 months, of which 1.2 months have already past. Whoosh…

It is a time to be reflective instead of always looking outside so I am very content and laughing a lot with great people.

But you know me, always still really curious about the what people are eating and what new food can I try.

Ate my first Kobocha pumpkin which was like a savoury pumpkin-biscuit-like texture…strangely alluring but was told it was perhaps too late in the season to get it’s true flavour and texture. they are very pretty.

Texan BBQ under the George Washington bridge, yes first, but it was in NYC but hey, it’s closer than Australia. Enjoyed the 1/2 rack that was shared but the stand out was the Boston Baked Beans. The collard greens needed work but interesting. Very yummy and considering it was wet and freezing cold, rib-sticking foods were called for.

The food is amazing where I am staying so lots of goodies coming up. Very impressed with the Turmeric Pickle that I ate. Scrummy! And the Indian breakfast called Upma. Mix chilli, ghee, semolina, coriander, spice and water and this cloddy, chili delicious breakfast cereal like no other is accomplished. Add spiced coffee and that is a breakfast of champions.

But mostly I am disappointed with the quality of the produce but it is the tail end of winter. And this is winter as we don’t experience in Australia. It is now officially Spring and yesterday it was still 9C even with a little blue sky around. It has fluctuated up to 55F-ish and that was lovely but now rain again. Like Spring the world over it is very changeable.

Hyacinths, grape hyacinths, the first blossom, the greenery of the peonies and forsythia in its garish yellow profusion are all a joy. The woods are not yet ready to really burst into green but they are trying and when they start, it will be totally amazing woodland everywhere.

So happy to be here but miss you all so write and let me know whats happening in Melbourne.

Keep exploring and discovering new taste delights to nourish and satisfy the body, the mind and the spirit.

Much Love and many blessings




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