Best dinner ideas & my best recipes and food hacks that get you cooking & eating the food you love!

Are you lost in the world of food and cookery? Is your kitchen out of control? A cluttered mess with too much equipment you never use?  or  simply  “Oh my God I forgot to learn to cook?  I teach you how to cook, how to prepare your best recipes for you.

Lucinda’s empathetic support can help you devise solutions to your problems. You can book a private consultation and with Lucinda’s encouragement and support, develop strategies to help you move towards your goals. Is it a shopping trip for some new equipment, ingredients or a complete kitchen cupboard and pantry clean-out so you can start with a fresh start? It may be a series of cooking classes designed especially for you and your family’s tastes.  You are worth the investment and the commitment to improve your cooking life and so your family’s health and wellbeing.

Cooking Workshops

Workshop 1 –  Food hacks, kitchen tricks that make cooking easier & planning your cooking revolution!

Be a better cook at home.  Get your kitchen in order,  what cooking utensils do I need to be a better cook? How di I plan for best fresh cooking ideas that your family will love.  How to sharpen a knife? How to use the knife like a chef? Best ways to peel your Garlic?

This includes: Devising a program for change. A shopping trip for equipment or ingredients. 1 private cooking class with knife sharpening and kitchen planning. Plus 1 follow up visit for on-going support, feedback and fine tuning.


Workshop 2 – How to cook workshop begins using your best recipes for your all time favorite family meals.



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