Autumn Farmers Market- May at Veg Out

HI ALL, It’s a now wet, started sunny, first Saturday of the month morning. Been to Veg Out farmers market and brought up weeds of the day. The nettle, anchovy, potatoes,slow fried so juicy, and free range egg tortilla is in the very low oven. Tomorrow there will be the first bunch of cime di rape (long greens with little yellow flowers and sometimes the beginning of a little kind of broccoli flowerette.) That will be with some chicken stock, Mt Zero chickpeas and cime di rape, lemon, garlic soupy thing. May be even a stracchiatelle style egg threads. This is truly delicious as on the day I am posting this I have eaten this for lunch. The big squeeze of lemon really makes this dish fly.

Its been a busy cooking week and would love to tempt you with some Lucinda food.

Brian’s birthday dinner Friday May 4th was the King Island slow roasted whole scotch fillet with Bearnaise and Demi-glace, Mr Price’s Flash mash with celeriac, turnips, swede, potato, parsnip and whole shallot not really mash but super flash, just like him –Mr. Price at Mr. Price’s Food Store North Melbourne). A pomegranate, cauli, fennel, walnut salad with it’s pomegranate molasses dressing.

For starters we had these baby fingerling white zucchini- almost infanticide, char-grilled; garlic braised long yellow pepper; broad beans squashed with sage burnt butter. Oh I really did forget the Jerusalem Artichokes so they were served as a palate cleanser before the dessert cos the birthday boy had never eaten them. Skins on, roasted, olive oil and salt only.

This is my kind of food. Had no idea what was on the menu except the Beef so it was all the fresh ingredients at Toscanos that inspired me.

Ahhh, the beef. That had been cryvaced for a serious long wet-age and left to air-dry in the fridge for 36 hours. The nearly 1 hour low as low roast (100C) rendered it rare for the 6 rare steak eaters but others would have dropped their bleeding meat sensibilities when faced with this joy of joys. Sorry Dad, so sorry there was none left over for you.

Pav followed and don’t forget the Lipator chaser. Much laughter and silliness like only beautiful food can bring on. That’s enough for today as a warm slice of the tortilla with a witlof salad is beckoning for late lunch.
Please excuse the self-editing. It may be a Stratchiatelle style blog.