About Lucinda

Lucinda brings a lifetime of professional cookery, traveling the world and a passion for teaching to her hand-on cooking workshops.

Her food reflects her respect for fresh ingredients, simple preparation and the seasons but most importantly that a meal brings pleasure, joy and satisfaction.

LUCINDA is a self-taught cook until getting qualified later in life. This has given her a unique understanding of the struggle and the barriers of learning to cook or staying inspired.

Her dynamic presentation style, extensive culinary and dietary knowledge and her humorous approach make a class with Lucinda an opportunity to build your skills from whatever level you are starting from. She loves sharing all the tips and tricks of the professionals including the “Masterclass” techniques but learning to use your palate is her true aim so you eat the food you love not what a recipe dictates.  Lucinda’s food bursts with flavours from around the world and weaves textures and ingredients to make any meal memorable.


“What a fantastic time we’ve had during our 5 weeks together. We’ve all taken so much from the course- new repertoire, new skills and particularly more confidence in trusting our own palates to tell us when the ‘taste’ was right!

…so much fun and we benefited greatly from your experience, expertise and patience Lucinda.
Ali ‘06



“Wanted to thank you for your Sandwich Course. You made it really enjoyable yet extremely educational. You are one of the best instructors that I have ever had the pleasure of learning from: dynamic and so knowlegable- it’s a rare combination!
Mar-Leene ‘06



Thank you so much for ‘The Lebanon to Morocco’ shop and cook tour a fortnight ago. It was a real eye opener for me.

The day after (Sunday) our adventure I made some spinach, olive oil, salt and garlic spread and painted it on the pastry I purchased at the Lebanese Bakery.

My Bride swooned at the delicious flavour. You mentioned this simple and quick recipe in passing. Absolutely fabulous.

Your course gave me a great deal of confidence to try what you feel will work in cooking. No doubt there will be failures but the adventure is exciting.
Charles S. Oct 08



Lucinda is a gem! Just thought I’d let you know how much I enjoyed the class yesterday. Not only did I come away with many new recipes to inspire both the vegetarians and meat-eaters in our household, but also I learned so many little tips about nutrition and flavours not to mention how to finely chop a red onion with ease! Marion ‘09

… thank you so much for the inspiration you have given me with my cooking. After completing the Simple Healthy Delicious Cooking course last weekend, I have been “having a go” as you suggested and have been cooking up a storm. My husband is beside himself (men are such simple creatures aren’t they!) and my kids are getting in on the act too. We are eating much better and everything tastes so much better too. I went to my local green grocer and enjoyed finding the herbs and looking at the different variety of vegies they had instead of the same old stuff I usually get.

.. The insights you have given me have opened up a whole new world and I have so much confidence about what to do and what ingredients are what etc. and also the ability to taste and test as I am going – real cooking.

…Well done, I loved every minute of it and it was just what I needed after being in the cooking doldrums for years!

Michelle W ‘08



Thanks for organising last night. Lucinda was perfect -engaging, fun and most importantly informative!

Jessica D, Student Activities Officer, Victorian College of Pharmacy, Monash University ’09


A wandering Tapas evening overlooking Grassy Harbour, King Island.

Saturday 24th January, 2009.



A Celebration of good food, good wine, good company in pleasant surroundings. By Cheryl Kerr.


How lucky were we! All the senses in perfect harmony. It would have taken me days to prepare what Lucinda managed in a few hours- what an artiste!

The menu was amazingly extensive and, apart from what goodies she prepared for the carnivorous animals, Lucinda had also catered for Robert with his no meat, no gluten diet- a saint.

We ate fennel and carrot salad on the balcony overlooking the harbour then removed to another Tapas Bar situated in a garden nook at the rear of the house for the egg and avocado. It was slowly sinking in at this stage that we were being thoroughly spoilt.

The octopus was the speciality of the next venue- delicious. And so inside to sit around Roger’s lovely table, not really a Tapas Bar but we forgave her for the deviation.

In the meantime a cool, collected Lucinda was torturing us with exquisite aromas.

The beautiful little china plates reappeared and out came the French lentils and lamb chops. If there is a heaven then Lucinda’s lamb chops will be there; utterly divine in texture, flavour and cooked to perfection.

I shall take the memory of this meal to the grave. During the course of ones life there are not that many truly memorable meals. These rare gastronomic delights are to be cherished and cared for in the recesses of the mind.

We were so spoilt by that generous woman. It brought to mind the story of Babette’s Feast…I think we were there.